Alicia, Founder/Creative Director, XSEED Design and Production

My business obstacle was overcoming my fear of money. Zoilita helped me to re-program my thoughts around money and to break through my blocks. Since seeing Zoilita I’ve not only seen substantial financial growth but I am a new woman of confidence, health and happiness.”

Michelle Stinn, 1 Source Realty

Zoilita is a true Miracle Worker. I was experiencing 4 out of life’s top 5 stressors and I NEEDED a Miracle. I felt beaten and bruised from the whole experience and Zoilita calmed my nerves and guided me to make great choices.

Lauren, The River’s Path

This summer has been the best of my life and I owe my business success to Zoilita. She helped me move through fear and insecurity to great success. I now can live the life of my dreams.

Lisa, Pixel and Paper Designs

Zoilita has helped me to fine calm and focus in my world. That clarity has allowed me manifest my needs. For this I have immense gratitude!

Jane Ann, Distributor, Mona Vie

A consummate professional whose understanding of human nature and behavior makes Zoilita an amazing coach.

Rose, Gold Market Jewelry

Zoilita’s classes and coaching have had a huge impact on my life and business. Her wisdom and tools create breakthroughs. You can achieve goals you never thought you could reach. It really works!

Joe, Youth Director

Being in charge of teens is a challenge. Zoilita transformed me into a powerful and effective leader. I highly recommend taking her classes and individual coaching.

Kristin, Artistic Director, Longmont Dance Theatre

Zoilita’s coaching has been tremendous for my life and business. Through her care, concern and professionalism my life and business has become much more successful.