So You Can Get The Edge With Mental Training

Taught by Edward Chavez, Athletic Competitive Edge
200 Lincoln St., Longmont, Colorado
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June 3-4, 2017 • 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Investment: $375 | Bring A Sack Lunch
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In this course, students will have the opportunity to learn valuable tools and techniques that will support them in working with clients ranging from the recreational athlete to those on an Elite level. An excellent workbook is included. Students will learn how to help their clients to build confidence, increase mental toughness, improve focus and concentration, allow their body to operate on pure instinct, play more consistently in “The Zone”, recover quickly after a setback or mistake, and maintain calm and relaxation while playing or competing. Students will learn how to help their clients establish a method and an approach that fuels success and growth.

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Edward Chavez, Athletic Competitive Edge

Dr. Edward Chavez is the founder and director of the Athletic Competitive Edge (ACE). Currently, he works with Olympic bound and World class athletes through the Olympic Training Center and the World Class Athlete Program (W-CAP). He has served, for the past two seasons, as the Sports Psychology consultant for the Philadelphia Phillies organization. He has provided team sessions to the Denver Broncos as well as to NCAA Division I Collegiate Football teams. He is a former Adjunct Assistant Professor at The University of Denver, teaching in the Graduate School of Sport and Performance Psychology Program. As a life long athlete, Dr. Chavez is passionate about all sports, and has a deep understanding of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of athletics. He is a firm believer in merging science and sport, and is committed to expanding the impressive body of research on the mind-body connection.