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Monday, August 15th | 11:30am-1pm
Monday, August 15th | 7-8:30pm
Thursday, August 18th | 4-5:30pm
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Weight is the number one problem facing Americans in a world that is plagued by starvation and malnutrition. Millions are spent each year as we try to solve this problem. We can send men to the Moon but up until now we can’t achieve real weight mastery. People try diets, non-diets, exercise programs etc. Yet the majority who let go of a significant amount of weight regain it and more within two years. This Why Weight program is designed to solve the problem. The keys to do so lie in the subconscious mind. Most people think of themselves as their conscious mind. It seems to make their decisions and direct their activities, but in reality the largest and most dominate part of the mind is the subconscious. The conscious mind only seems to call the shots but in reality people are ruled by the desires and the beliefs of subconscious motivation and they make up rational reasons why they do things.
A workbook and self hypnosis CD are included.